Oleg Bakhmatyuk, a shareholder of one of Ukraine’s largest agricultural holdings, Ukrlandfarming, said in an interview that pressure on his company on the part of NABU Director Artem Sytnyk had resulted in 9,000 Ukrainians losing jobs. UNIAN reports.

The businessman spoke about this in an interview with Dmitry Gordon. He said that due to pressure on the company, the state has already lost UAH 1.5 billion in taxes over the year, while Ukrainians lost 9,000 jobs.

“With those 9,000 people who are out – with everyone, not me personally, but their supervisor, spoke and said:” We fought to the end. If we can, we will recover. If God gives us opportunities, we will fully revive. That’s because we shut down for a simple reason. “And all these people know that the reason for their layoff was NABU Director Artem Sytnyk,” the businessman says. “When each of those people left, each chief sat down and told them: ‘Look. Sytnik and NABU are the reason for your dismissal.’ So 30,000 people are definitely aware who Sytnyk is. Multiply this by four [an average family], and this is 120,000 or more. I guarantee you that.”

The case against the former deputy NBU governor Oleksandr Pysaruk and businessman Oleg Bakhmatyuk on the provision of a refinancing loan to VAB bank, shut down by judgments of the courts of all instances due to lack of corpus delicti, was reopened in 2019 and is now being investigated by NABU. The forensic conclusions of the Deposit Guarantee Fund and the NBU statements confirm that all the refinancing funds have been spent for their intended purpose – they have been received by VAB Bank depositors.