NABU accuses Oleg Bakhmatyuk of the fact, that he did not build factories in the Khmelnitsky and Kherson regions. In reality these factories were built, opened in 2013 and annually produce about 3.5 billion eggs.

Bakhmatyuk and the staff of the Avangard and Ukrlаndfarming group of companies appealed to the President to stop NABU and promised mass protests if the pressure on the company will not be stopped. This writes DEPO.
This became known from an appeal to the President on behalf of the CEO and the staff of the companies, published on the group’s official website. In particular, it notes that at the end of December the previous year, upon a request from NABU, the Prosecutor General’s Office resumed two cases against the Avangard company, which NABU investigated two and three years ago and which were closed.
“In 2013, we built two largest full-cycle egg production complexes in Eurasia – Avis in the Khmelnytskyi region and Chernobaevsky in the Kherson region, and we are accused of the fact that such facilities do not exist. This is senseless absurd. Such accusations demonstrate the complete incompetence of the persons who opened these cases,” the statement says. This statement concerns about |cases No. 52016000000000112 dated 04/20/2016 and No. 52017000000000362 dated 06/01/2017. Both of them closed in accordance with the decision of the General Prosecutor’s Office on December 6, 2017.
Indeed, the factories referred to in re-opened criminal cases, are full-cycle poultry production facilities with a capacity of 11.2 hens, Avis and Chernobaevske, were built back in 2013.

Avis poultry complex in the Khmelnytskyi region has an annual production capacity of 1.616 billion eggs, and the Chornobaevskoy poultry complex in the Kherson region has 1.865 billion eggs. Meanwhile, in the appeal of the company owner and the team to the president, it is noted that these cases are used to put pressure on the company, as well as cases against VAB bank, interrogations of 10,000 Ukrlаndfarming employees by NABU and searches of enterprises.

The appeal states that the fate of 27,000 people – employees of the company – becomes a hostage of such actions. “We remind you of more than 2.5 billion UAH that the company pays as the state taxes, and about 3 billion UAH that the company pays as the salaries. We remind you that NABU, which is a consumer of large budgetary resources, actually destroys those who generate these funds for the budget. And the person who heads NABU, acts on the base of personal revenge, uses NABU to destroy large and important for the Ukrainian economy companies. We understand that this person will not stop. We appeal to you, Mr. President, as the guarantor of the Constitution, the guarantor of our rights, the guarantor of the country’s economic security: stop MR. Sytnyk, who has crossed the of common sense in the blind desire for revenge, who manipulates and uses the power structure in personal affairs, paying no attention at all to economic interests of our state”.

Khmelnytsky poultry farm “Avis”

Kherson poultry farm “Chernobaevska”

The company also states that stuff and employees are planning mass protests if unlawful pressure from the NABU does not stop: “We will fight for our rights. We will be forced to bring people to the streets. We will knock on all doors to be heard. We know it’s difficult to fight the system, but we can’t just sit and watch how our company is being destroyed. And we hope that, guided by the interests of the state, you will stop NABU and its leader, who went in revenge far beyond the common sense”.
As it was stated by, on January 16, NABU began interrogations of 10,000 employees of Bakhmatyuk agrarian companies. According to the press service of the agricultural holding, the reason was the conflict of interests of the director of NABU Artem Sytnyk – he was found guilty of corruption by the court and listed into the register of corrupt officials, which threatens him with the loss of his post. The main witness for the prosecution, in this case, was the adviser to Oleg Bakhmatyuk’s sister.