Andriy Bogdan and Mykola Solsky have constructed the perfect scheme for promotion of beneficial decisions in the agricultural sphere
Business partners Bogdan and Solsky got control over agricultural policy of Ukraine, and NABU do not investigate the case against them – press

They have common interests in the agricultural sector and have been business partners for years. NABU once even investigated a case against their joint ventures, but after they came to power, the case was closed. This is stated in the investigation of the Apostrophe ” Latifund Lawyers: Who took control over national agricultural policy”.

Mykola Solsky, chairman of the Committee on Agricultural and Land Policy of Ukrainian parliament, and head of the presidential office Andriy Bogdan are long-standing partners in the agrarian business. After they have come to power, partners were given the opportunity to construct their own decision-making mechanism in the public sphere – despite the obvious conflict of interests. This is stated in the investigation of the Apostrophe “Latifund Lawyers: Who took control over national agricultural policy”.

The article states that the head of the Agricultural Committee Solsky, together with Andriy Bogdan and a group of other lawyers, were the co-founders of a group of companies united in Ukrainian Agrarian Holding (UAH). According to the the registers Solsky is the founder of 7 and the beneficiary of 10 enterprises engaged in agribusiness (some of them have ceased to operate by now). “Other founders of his enterprises are also lawyers. Managing Partner of “Pukshin & Partners”, Member of the Legal Reform Commission under President Vladimir Zelensky Igor Pukshin, Head of the Zelensky President’s Office Andriy Bogdan and son of the former Chairman of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, Business Partner and former co-owner of the “Pukshin & Partners” Alexander Baulin”, – stated in the article.

The article cites NABU’s investigation concerning the seizure of land by the Bohdan, Pukshyn and Salsky Joint-Stock Company “Agro-Luchki”. “Detectives of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) have opened a pre-trial investigation of malpractice, which resulted in the free transfer of 1,200 hectares of land. The management of the last state-owned winery in Ukraine, Leanka, made a decision “to get rid of the excess land” and distribute it between current and former employees. In practice, 600 people, most of them had never worked at the enterprise, were given land – and in one day abandoned it, and transferred to three agroholdings, including the Agro-Luchky joint stock company, almost for free. They issued a power of attorney to the same lawyer in Uzhgorod and certified them with the same notary. Detectives estimated, that the state interests have suffered losses of more than UAH 14 million. Note that this story happened in the summer of 2018. But for some reason NABU doesn’t hurry to investigate. Obviously, this situation has no connections with the fact that the founders of the firm that took possession of the land are now on the top level of power. It is just a coincidence” Apostrophe writes.After Mykola Solsky with the support of Andriy Bogdan became “Servant of the People” MP, and headed the Committee on Agricultural and Land Policy (that is a clear conflict of interests considering his businesses), he initiated and implemented a number of bills related to land acquisition issues, land sales, etc. It was made possible by the support of the other members of the committee, mainly by the representatives of the so-called Kulinich group. “All the necessary initiatives in the committee, which consists largely of representatives of agribusiness, are supported by the so-called Kulinich group, which focuses on the co-owner of the Kernel agricultural holding Verevsky (Kulinic was once his assistant – in V and VI convocations).

Back in the previous convocation of Parliament, according to Transparency International, another Kernel co-owner, Homutynnik, as well as Verevsky’s people, including Kulinich and Musak, were lobbying interests of this agro-holding in Verkhovna Rada. Kulinich and now MP elected in list of Homutynniks “Renaissance”. By the way, already mentioned Alexei Mushak, now Prime Minister Goncharuk’s adviser on land issues, is a relative (cousin) of Verevsky.

With the support of Verevsky’s deputy lobby in the committee, virtually all decisions in the sphere of land and agricultural policy, initiated be the President’s Office are submitted by Solsky, are supported by the agrarian committee and voted by the “mono-majority” of the “Servant of the People” in parliament.