Oleh Bakhmatyuk, the owner of the largest Ukrainian agricultural holding Ukrlandfarming, accuses the head of the President’s Office Andriy Bogdan of takeover his business

Bohdan also ordered the case against him in NABU, says Oleg Bakhmatyuk in an interview with Latifundist.com, reports Ukrains’ki Novyny.

Bakhmatyuk talk about the reopened NABU case of allegedly misuse of UAH 1.2 billion refinancing which VAB Bank received from the National Bank. Various law enforcement agencies had already been investigating this case for several years and it was closed due to lack of corpus delicti.

But the case was reopened despite Deposit Guarantee Fund, the NBU statements and official examinations refuted it’s charges.

“I believe that Andriy Bohdan, the head of the President’s Office, “ordered me”. He conducted these processes in relation to Kasko and Sytnik. I met him in person. I heard the rhetoric. We tried to find a construct. Bogdan is the conductor and operator of the lawsuit against me. The media sources confirm that these things are taking place not only in relation to me, but everywhere. I clearly understand that this is a politically motivated process,” Oleg Bakhmatyuk says.

Oleh Bakhmatyuk also doesn’t exclude that they want to takeover his business in such way.

“I do not exclude that there are some hostile takeover episodes, because the company is very large. We understand that it’s threat for lease agreements, and assets pledged by external lenders will be depreciated in an unstable situation. You perfectly understand that the cost of an elevator without land is 10 times less. And it applies to any other asset. We do not exclude that it’s also one of the motives for making decisions against our company. I wouldn’t want to be convinced of this and show who did it. We consider that as way to attract attention, a manifestation of populism. You can see that the prosecutor general says that he’ll carry out imprisonments based on the results of so-called sociological studies. It’s nonsense,” he said.

According to Oleh Bakhmatyuk, the interests of the NABU head Artem Sytnyk and the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Ruslan Ryaboshapki are coincided in the that case.

“Artem Sytnyk is only interested in publicity, and Ruslan Ryaboshapka also interested only in publicity, because he started a fight with oligarchs. But I don’t belong to them. You know that an oligarch is a person who has both political and media influence. We have a big company, I am a high-powered businessman, but I’m not an oligarch. They are replacing these concepts now,” said Oleh Bakhmatyuk.

The businessman earlier declared the head of NABU Artem Sytnyk has a conflict of interest in this case. The court found Sytnyk guilty of corruption. The NABU head rested at the hunting place on somebody else’s account. The main witness in the Sytnyk corruption case was the adviser to Oleh Bakhmatyuk’s sister.

Artem Sytnyk is also put in the register of corrupt officials. And the parliament raises the question of his resignation.

The Council of Public Control members called on Artem Sytnyk to give a public explanation of his actions and comment on his tenure as head of the anti-corruption body in such situation.