Thousands took to the streets to demand the resignation of Artem Sytnik, the corrupt official.
Oleksiy Honcharenko, MP : Imagine – the head of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine is a corrupt person! How can that be at all? He’s been put on the state register of corrupt officials! And today he’s completely discrediting this extremely important institution that really must fight top corruption, not top enterprises!
Mr Sytnik frames up cases against companies  paying billions in taxes and creating tens of thousands of jobs.
Galina Kovtok, Ukrlandfarming: The war could not kill us. Why does Mr. Sytnyk think he can do it? Sytnyk go away! Sytnyk go away! Sytnyk go away! Sytnyk go away!
Iryna Melnyk, Аvangardco: Today we appeal to the authorities: stop the NABU’s arbitrariness! Why one man for his own ambitions, to satisfy his thirst for revenge today destroys, destroys 27 thousand jobs.
Away with Sytnik! Fire the corruptionist!
Off with Sytnik!
30 thousand people signed an appeal to President Zelensky.
If their demands are not heard more people will take to the streets.