Oleh Bakhmatуuk, the owner of the agricultural holdings Ukrlandfarming and Avangard, after the detention of employees of VAB Bank belonging to him and affiliated companies on November 11, have announced the illegality of resumption of the criminal case and asked President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi to give an order to resolve the conflict at the negotiating table.
Censor.NET reports citing open letter to the head of state, posted on Ukrlandfarming’s website.

“We ask You to intervene personally into this matter. We demand that the practice of appointing people guilty be stopped as one that gives no opportunity to those people to defend themselves. We ask you to appoint negotiators who could play a constructive role in this dialogue. We are prepared to work with any foreign trade advisors with international expertise in restructuring and auditing,” Bakhmatуuk’s open letter to the head of state says.

The businessman stressed he was ready to attract any foreign economic advisers with international experience in restructuring and auditing.

According to him, the last time the proposal for debt restructuring was officially announced on October 27, but as a result, on November 11 investigative actions, searches were carried out, and employees were detained.

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“We proposed that the Individuals’ Deposit Guarantee Fund pay UAH 8 billion of debts of our banks [Bakhmatуuk also owned Bank Financial Initiative]. None of the owners of liquidated or insolvent banks made such an offer,” the owner of Ukrlandfarming said.